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The smartest way to manage your fleets!

First & Last Mile Delivery Route Planning Optimization Dispatching,
Live Tracking Learning Algorithms w / Augmented Customer Experiences 

Static and Dynamic Route Plan

Integrated Systems, Algorithms

Our Story

We develop integrated sofware systems and algorithms with high R&D value since 2002. As a %100 Turkish AI and software development company we  locate in İTÜ Teknokent. With our passion for mathematics and problem solving to help our customers to manage their manual processes with learning algorithms, optimize and manage their data-driven operations and develop living systems .

Our Vision

We want to continuously increase our impact on the world with our data driven decision, planning algorithms, automated and integrated systems and services.

We created a win win based ecosystems for our thousands of our system and platform users. Our goal is carry our algorithms to the literature by increasing the number of our expanding system users.

Our Engines

Address Geocoding and deduplication 

Solving Vehicle Routing Problems in varieted operations and develop learning algorithms, Decision Support Systems in Location Analytics

Provide Onprem Tailor Made Solutions, Platforms and SaaS for various industries

Who are we



In a world where competition is increasing rapidly with globalization, customer satisfaction is one of the determining factors in the sustainable success of companies. It is vitally important to create a strong supply infrastructure in order to meet the expectations of the customers. One of the most important processes in the supply chain is route planning. Today, planning on vehicle routing problems has become important especially for companies operating in the logistics and service sector.


Routing and optimization solutions in business processes developed to meet increasing demands and reduce costs are very important for companies. Poorly managed route plans pose a problem for companies to serve their customers and cause disruptions in other logistics and service processes.

With this perspective, Rotamen has been developing for years in order to provide institutions with a data-based field management power by improving processes, managing instantly changes and to ensure the formation of a corporate field management mind that is not dependent on people in the field, 

Rotamen Maximise operational efficiency, Minimise route planning time
Maximise deliveries without increasing the fleet size make the What If scenarios and define your fleet demands, geoworkspace of agents, regions, 
Cut fuel and delivery costs,

Minimise dependence and costs of third party delivery agents, Improve customer service with instantly tracking and transparent delivery


Behind the scenes of a 'self-learning' algorithm: the magic of Lucy AI 

Lucy calculates and compares several delivery routes using smart mathematical algorithms, By collecting the accurate and planning differences data in each operation we develop AI learning, Planners can change the constraints and rules from Lucy's enriched AI Settings Panel. All organisations can set their planning settings according to their objective functions and optimisation targets and customer expactatipns.  Lucy AI has the processing power and capacity to handle millions of calculations per minute, in order to changing in the warehouse it makes reroute, enable continuous route optimisation of deliveries and pickups in a matter of minutes.


WHAT IF Scenarios

You can improve daily, weekly, monthly route planning and readiness for the future by running "what if" scenarios,  analysing or considering a varietion of potential changes as impact of changing the fleet size,type of vehicles frequency of days, constaints, the location or number of depots, all change or increase in order volumes.


Accurate ETA's and delivery times

Your customers can track their orders with Rotamen Tracking SSL Link instantly. Improved customer satisfaction as orders are delivered on time and a reduced office workload as the number of phone calls enquiring after deliveries diminishes. With Rotamen Customer Services module Rotamen drivers can solve the cancel, return, partial delivery processes without any phone call with any agent and you can manage and measure all processes automatically, response and waiting time instantly.on the field.   

Electronic Proof of Delivery - Instantly track all capture details of every delivery

Rotamen Multi-stop Route Planning and Mobile solution makes it possible to gather delivery data with eEOD and ePoD.

It allows for the collection of customer and delivery information as well as images and signatures. Since the information is transmitted in real time, potential errors are avoided when creating invoices and build your historical operation memory and diciplinize it with Rotamen. 

Tell us what is your bottlenecks in your operation.

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How it works?

What We Provide


We give our customers data driven management levarage power. ,We allow them to narrow large sets of information, and uncover key details for their decisions. We solve NP hard problems and develop ai with learning intelligence. We centralize your data and in order to your objective function we provide you to build your on demand solution and use it without our support. Create visualisation and smart algorithms to makes your organization more efficient, adaptive, effective and sustainable.


Platform as a Service

Our engines are ready to integrate and cutomisation for your enterprise. We run First and Last Mile Delivery and Pick Up operations and integarate our systems TMS, WMS and CRM systems as seammlessly. We work with top 50 companies in varieted industry as cargo, logistics, banking, FMCG, ISP, Facility Services, Gas, Retail, Transportation companies

How it works
Rotamen Clustering, Ordering and Genetic Algorithms for varieted industries.

"Let me introduce our Algorithms with you; Lucy & Lecy"

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